Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bank PO Interview Questions

Corporation Bank Interview questions
· Tell me something about yourself apart from the details given in the Bio-Data
· Why do you want to join bank?
· What is Banking? How is it different from Saving Bank of Post Office?
· Difference between Karnataka and Jharkhand Economy? (as I am from Jharkhand)
· Today’s Headlines?
· Similarity between USA and India in-terms of Economy?
· How many bank exams have you appeared for?
· Do you know the costing of Civil Engineering?
· What are your hobbies?
· What is NEFT?
· What is the difference between million and a billion?
· What is the buzzing word of India’s economy?
· What action is the RBI taking? What is the final impact on the Economy?
· You have done Chemical Engg and worked in RIL, then why do you want to join a bank?
· What do you know about Corporation Bank?
· What are the functions of RBI?
· Do you have any account in any bank. Which type of account and what is the interest rate payable on it?
· What is the difference between Savings account and Current Account?
· What are your strengths and weaknesses?
· What is a debit card and what all can be done with it?
· What is your family background?
· Are you willing to work anywhere in India?

Allahabad Bank PO Interview questions
· Tell me something about yourself?
· Why do you want to join a bank as you are a chemical engineer and worked in 2 good companies?
· If in a rural branch in which you are posted, someone asks you for loan or money on gunpoint what will you do?
· What is a Bank?
· What are various activities and functions in a bank?
· What is Distillation?
· What is Coal Tar?
· Your Hobby is reading Bhagavad gita. What do you read in it?
· Cite some slokas from Bhagvad Gita?
· How can you say that banking sector is fast growing?

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